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Summit County Real Estate etc – May

Yikes! Have you seen your 2019 Real Property Notice of Valuation? I’ll bet your home had a huge value increase too. Which is wonderful when you think of your equity, not so good when it comes to your property tax. But keep in mind that the mill levy has been reduced so your tax bill will not jump as much as you might expect. When you receive your post card showing you current valuation ask yourself if it is higher than what you honestly think your property is worth. If yes, then check  to see which sold properties were compared to yours to estimate your value. If the comps aren’t actually comparable then you have an argument to reduce your valuation. The assessor tries to use sales of similar size, quality, age… but they don’t know the details of your home so the comps might not be appropriate.

To challenge your valuation you need a logical argument. You can simply fill in the Protest Form on your postcard, stating what you believe the value should be an why. The more information you provide the more likely your protest will be effective. If you have an appraisal (did you refinance?) send that in. More likely you will want to find properties more similar to yours that sold between January 1 2017 and June 30 2018. I can help you with this by providing info on sold homes that are similar to yours.

More info available at


On to more fun stuff:

Lake Dillon has melted! Dillon Marina will open May 25 (I think), but my kayak will be in sooner than that. Frisco is doing a major overhaul so opening might be delayed.

Summer events start soon so get ready for concerts, farmers markets, festivals… Have you seen the amphitheater schedule? B52s, String Cheese, Bruce Hornsby… (not all are free)

The paved bike trails are open except for 10 Mile Canyon which is covered in avalanche debris.

Keep an eye out for animal babies –  and never mess with mama moose!

Keep skiing – Breck until May 27, Arapaho Basin into June (with concerts Saturday afternoons)


What else would you like to know? Just ask!


Laura Champe    Owner, Lake Dillon Realty



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